It is the decomposition of organic substances at high temperatures (350-700 ºC) in a completely oxygen-free environment. The gas obtained as a result of this process is synthetic gas (syngas).


High calorific value gas production (10-20 MJ / m3)

Compared to combustion, less volume of process gas

Use of Singaz to obtain energy more efficiently by using gas turbines or gas engines.

-By products of pyrolysis and stabilization material of process wastes, etc. the availability of

facilities and construction of modular ease

KUANTUM ENERJI, Storage Tanks used in the pyrolysis system, biochar Cooled Conveyor, Flare Unit, Gas Cleaning System and so on. manages all processes of designing, manufacturing, assembly, testing and commissioning of equipment.

KUANTUM ENERJİ also provides technical consultancy services in the process of obtaining energy from waste by pyrolysis method.

Main equipment units:

  • Gas Cleaning System,
  • Biochar Refrigerated conveyor,
  • Gas Flare