Kuantum Enerji, the foundations of which were laid in 2015 in order to operate in different fields of the energy sector; It is an energy company that strives to provide globally integrated services.

Company founders; Until 2016, they have built a significant number of power plants worldwide in the project (design) of fossil fueled power plants, equipment supply and logistics, Construction, Test – Commissioning and Operation.

The company, which tries to carry out serious activities in the fields of Renewable Energy especially after 2016, strives to be a global player with determined steps in this regard. Especially; It has started to carry out serious activities in the fields of Solar, Biomass, Biogas and Wind.

Company; It strives to be a global player in Electricity Generation Transmission, Distribution and Trade.

Kuantum Enerji; operates in different fields of the sector with its twenty-five years of experience. We make a difference among the players in the sector by completing our engineering, procurement, construction, assembly – testing and commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair services in our fields of activity with our deep-rooted experience and corporate values.

From solar energy to electric vehicles, from charging units to power plants, from project development to operation, we continue our work in the following fields of activity:

  1. Electricity Generation
  2. Electricity Transmission
  3. Electricity Distribution
  4. Electricity Sales and Trade
  5. Power Plants Construction (Engineering, Procurement, Construction – EPC)
  6. Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  7. Smart Systems
  8. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We use our operational strength, which we have with our experience, qualified human resources, balanced portfolio, resource diversity and competence to produce innovative solutions, to become a permanent and pioneering part of the global energy transformation.


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