Kuantum Enerji Sustainability Policy is based on adopting and establishing a quality, safe and environmentally sensitive work environment and sustainable development management that complies with the applicable laws and related legislation within the scope of the projects it carries out.

In line with this basis, it is an obligation for all employees of Kuantum Enerji Project Management and Subcontractors to comply with the requirements of our OHS and Environmental Project Management System, which we have established to manage and improve our “OHS and Environment” performance efficiently.


Kuantum Enerji Project Management System commits to the following objectives regarding Occupational Health and Safety and Environment:


  • To ensure project management efficiency by planning and performing the audit and control activities required for the continuous development and improvement of the project’s safety and environmental management performance;
  • Establishing the necessary organization and providing resources for the continuous development and improvement of Project Safety and Environmental management performance;
  • Meeting the needs and demands of all Stakeholders within the framework of the Articles of Association and Legal Legislation in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction;
  • Within the scope of the project, taking all necessary measures to prevent or minimize environmental pollution, occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and to eliminate or minimize risks in health and safety issues;
  • Fulfilling the Environmental and Social Responsibility requirements stipulated within the framework of the signed Project Articles of Association;


Said Project Management System covers the basic principles the following commitments:

  • Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board, the work done in the contract documents specified requirements to ensure that appropriate and reliable, in this context:

a) Ensuring the taking of necessary measures to prevent environmental damage within the project boundary;

b) To ensure that necessary measures are taken in terms of warnings and safety precautions in order to protect the workers and the surrounding people from danger and harm;

c) Ensuring appropriate environmental management of camps and facilities to prevent environmental damage and pollution within the scope of the project;

d) To ensure that traffic is properly managed to avoid any risk to workers and the surrounding community;

e) To create a risk management starting from the planning stages, to analyze the critical situations that may occur, to examine the occurrences and not allow them to be repeated;

f) To implement preventive and protective measures, to train the staff and to guarantee the health and safety of the employees, to eliminate / mitigate the risks from the very beginning;

g) To evaluate environmental issues associated with the performance of the works in order to plan control and audit activities;

h) To monitor the performance of the “Project Management System” with appropriate performance indicators;

i) Raising awareness and training of personnel on OHS and Environment issues;

j) Analyzing and evaluating the Project Activities / resources / targets in line with the demands of the Kuantum Enerji Senior Management;

k) Involving contractors and suppliers in the execution of the sustainable project in line with the same commitments, including Environmental, Health and Safety issues.

This policy is the reference frame in which the Objectives and Objectives on Environment, Health and Safety are determined. It will be periodically evaluated and revised depending on the project requirements and needs. The success of our “Policy” is based on the exemplary behavior of our managers, our workers / employees working in accordance with OHS and Environment rules and feeling themselves responsible.


Quantum Energy, believing that the biggest resource in achieving its goals is its employees; creates systems that support its vision, mission, principles and values ​​and strives to develop, enrich and facilitate business life. While establishing the Human Resources Policy, it primarily aimed to be sensitive to all its employees, respectful and responsible to all stakeholders with whom it communicates .

  • Protects the rights and security of employees,
  • It offers career opportunities within the company in line with the competencies and performances of the employees,
  • Age, gender, race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, political opinion, participation and membership in union activities, pregnancy or Pays attention not to discriminate in terms of military service status and integrates the mechanisms that prevent the occurrence of discrimination into its processes,
  • Provides equal opportunity to all employees,
  • Include employees in decision-making mechanisms,
  • Develops practices to keep employees loyalty and motivation high,
  • Provides training opportunities for the professional as well as personal development of the employees,
  • Pays attention to the work and private life balance of the employees,

Quantum Energy, to recruit competent employees; endeavors to retain high potential employees. It supports training, development and learning activities to train experts in the energy sector within the company.


Our company, which establishes its quality management system in line with the requirements of the “ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard”, defines all its processes and works to take all necessary measures to identify and manage risks. In this context, we are advancing our quality management system with a “risk-based” approach, making continuous improvement.


ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.