These are systems that convert the infinite energy from the sun into electrical energy with the installation of photovoltaic modules and other components. Solar power plants are like systems in calculators, but large solar cells are used. Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. It is the cleanest energy generation technology available and the electricity produced in environmentally friendly solar power plants. It is also a profitable energy source in terms of construction-operation costs and efficiency. 

The Main Components of Solar Power Plants are as follows; Photovoltaic ( PV ) Panel: It enables the generation of direct current electricity from the incoming sunlight by combining semiconductor PV cells on the panel. 

Inverter: Converts the direct current electricity generated by the PV panels into grid electricity. 

Panel Carrier System: It consists of PV panel carrier systems and mounting apparatus. 

BOS (Balance of System): The part of solar power plants other than Module, Inverter and construction is called BOS (Balance of System). Infrastructure consists of LV – MV Cable, Connector, Parallel Panels, Switch Equipment, Low Voltage Panel and Salt, Transformer Post, Medium / High Voltage Panel and Salt, Civil Works, Wire Fences, Lighting, Camera Systems. 

Solar power plant operating principle electron movement that takes place in the light falling on the material that is based on the principle of the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic batteries are layouts made of semiconductor materials that convert solar energy falling on it directly into electrical energy. It is possible to produce electrical energy at the desired power with the electricity generation system connected to the central network. First of all, the amount of energy to be produced is determined. DC electrical energy is generated when the sun’s rays come into contact with the photovoltaic modules. The energy produced is connected to the central grid system through inverters that can be connected to the central network and have high cycle power. Thus, the generated energy is sent directly to the grid system. 

Electricity generation with solar power plants; In addition to its easy installation advantage, it is a form of energy generation that offers long life, environmentally friendly and low operating cost advantages and ease of use. The energy obtained from the sun is also sustainable energy. Analyzes show that investment in solar energy is more profitable than agriculture. The Balkans, Central Asia, Africa and Ortaog the ‘n u n to be quite favorable climatic conditions and other energy being of the price advantage of solar power plants compared to investments, the interest in solar energy investments day is increasing by day. Many materials are used to build solar power plant, and the investment cost of the solar power plant varies according to the material to be used . SPP installation costs, the characteristics of the ground, the local variability of factors such as snow and wind load, the variability of the slope of the land, the equipment used and the design situation are different for each site. In addition to financing options for solar power plant investments , the state also has serious incentives. 

SPP investments receive a special government incentive compared to other renewable energy sources. Investment costs are also reduced in solar power plants, where a state guaranteed generation fee of 133 USD per MWh produced is available.

Solar Energy Systems limitless, clean, storage is easy. It is possible to see the GES system from many areas from traffic lights to factory rooftops. 

What is SPP Expansion?
SSP stands for solar power plant. It is known in English as SPP Solar Power Plant.