Gas obtained as a result of anaerobic digestion, which is a biochemical method for obtaining energy from waste. .It consists of methane and carbon dioxide as its content and has a high calorific value. Since biogas recovery is basically based on the decomposition of organic materials, plant wastes or animal fertilizers can be used as basic materials.


 It is the process of decomposing organic and inorganic materials in wastes by anaerobic microorganisms in an airless environment and converting them to methane and carbon dioxide. The methane obtained is burned in gas engines and converted into electrical energy and fed into the network.

Kuantum Enerji is in a position to produce a Turnkey Biogas Power Plant.

Main Equipment and Units:

  • Gas engine,
  • Transformer and AG-OG,
  • Digester,
  • Booster Unit,
  • Waste Heat Boiler,
  • Gas Flare,
  • Blower,
  • Gas Cooler,
  • Desulphurization Unit
  • Cyclone Filter